Touch Up Blotting Powder

Touch Up Blotting Powder

An ultra-fine setting powder with bright-reflecting ingredients to diffuse light while reducing shine. The smooth, silky, velvety texture helps setting the make up, gives balance to the skin tone minimizing redness and other imperfections while providing an anti-age action. This glowing powder has smoothing and soft-focus properties with spherical shape that allows for seamless correction, luminous complexion and customizable application. Touch Up is perfect for oily T-zone, complexion and a flawless retouch to your make up. It can be worn alone or over foundation.

• Silky skin
• Velvety touch
• Invisible powder
• Oil absorbing properties
• Impeccable and Flawless Finish
• Wrinkle correction properties
• Excellent water-repellency and resistance properties
• Vitamin A + E complex with antioxidant action that helps to protect skin against the effects of free radicals
• Spherical powders allow comfort and blendability
• Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones

• Using the Tapered Powder Brush #835 (sold separately), apply Touch Up around the nose, T-zone, and any other oily areas that need to be mattified.
• It can be used on its own, or on top of foundation and concealer to set them in place
• For oily skin types looking for a truly flawless finish, apply Touch Up all over the face for more coverage, starting from the T-zone and working outwards and upwards.

Available in three shades:
• TRANSLUCENT: it is a white-toned powder meant for just about every skin tone because it turns invisible when applied to the skin.

• BANANA: it is a yellow-toned powder which works its magic to offset any redness, illuminate the skin, neutralizes dark under eye circles and set make up – and the best part is that it works on any skin tone.

• JUST PEACH: it is a peach-toned powder designed to give brightness to a dull complexion, to neutralise blue tones and set make up. It works on any skin tone.