20100 Shining Crayon Lipstick

20100 Shining Crayon Lipstick

Lipstick pencil an intense color, long lasting and ultra confortable application. Available in shiny or matte formulations when applied immediately soothes and softens. Long lasting textures, avaible in the four essential ranges of your emotional library: fantacy, drama, romance, poetry.

• Smooth texture with excellent payoff
• Jumbo pencil lipstick format (fat pencil) preferred by make-up artists

• Brilliant and intense colours
• Colours always fresh, even after months of non usage
• Hydrating and long lasting
• Very easy to carry along

 Sharpen it with the jumbo sharpener.


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Customer Reviews

Review by macnar
So hydrating and smooth on my lips - easy application and no fuss! Love the twist up feature on this! Highly recommended! Fav shade if Confess!
Review by Jessica
Fab colours and the smooth texture means it glides onto lips really easily and doesn't crack. My fave shade is Fancy Pink - the perfect pop of colour.