Only·One is a colorless mixing base that gives you a versatility in the use. It creates a customized shiny look or, thanks to its wax formula, it can be used with Lord & Berry Stardust Eye Shadow Loose Powder and Glitter.
For professional use.

• For best results, use Fluid Delicate to remove any excess oils from the skin.
• Scoop out the desired amount of Mixing Base Shine using a spatula and transfer it to a palette.
• Add desired pigments and mix together thoroughly until the desired color is achieved.
• The more pigment that is added, the more coverage you can achieve.
• Apply to the eyes, lips, face and/or body using fingertips, a sponge or brush.

• For best results on eyes application first add Color Fix Eye Primer onto your lid.
• Apply a thin film of Only·One Mixing Base onto your lid using fingertips or brush.
• Tilt your head back to allow a more favorable angle for application; this also reduces the chances of glitter falling onto your face or into your eyes. If desired, place a tissue under your lower lashes to catch any stray glitter.
• Close your eyes and apply Glitter using fingertips or brush
• To brush off glitter that has fallen onto your face, close your eyes and use a large fan brush with a flicking motion to sweep any glitter away.
Following the same instruction described above you can apply Glitter in other parts of the face and body.

Dot Only·One where light would naturally hit your face (eyes, cheekbones, browbones) for a beautiful shiny complexion.
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